Greencap Investment, a UK based holdings company has just release it final profit for the year of 2016. The company specialised in financial investment and trading in various markets including currency, stock and commodity.

The investment profit was calculated by the firm accountant is 132% for the fiscal year of 2016. That result was fascinated by all of the investors especially in the context of financial instability last year when the UK left the EU and when Trump won the election.

The main reason of this success is believed to tribute to “Team Alpha”, the team of traders who are mainly responsible of making profit for the company. But what really make the difference between Greencap Investment and other holding company? That lay behind the trading method which is called “Special Force Methodology”, a trading technique which provide magnificent profit yet maintain the highest safety level. Said Mr. Jackie Thai, founder and CEO of Greencap Investment.

Greencap Investment is professional investment holding company which created an impressive profit 183% in the year of 2015. The company also usually organizes educational events, seminars and training courses in financial trading area in South East Asia countries.

Founder and CEO of Greencap Investment is Mr. Jackie Thai, a well-known and prestige financial expert, author of the ground breaking book “Secrets of the Trillion Market”. He is also a famous financial educator and analyst for many domestic and foreign investment funds.